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light expedition trailers & whatever you need

Micro trailers are a solution for people who value independence and comfort while traveling.

We have been dealing with caravans for 25 years.

With time, we noticed that a large, standard caravan works well if you want to live in it, i.e. stay in one place for longer.

We like to sleep in the wild, and when we get to the campsite – we use the available sanitary facilities. The whole adventure takes place behind the trailer door.

That’s why MicroCamper has been created.

possibility to travel without a plan and appropriate equipment to ensure independence

good insulation ensures thermal comfort and lack of moisture in the cabin

the total weight of up to 750 kg means that almost any car can handle the trailer

the trailer is able to enter wherever your car is

high-quality workmanship and minimal equipment for a calm head on the go

przyczepa kempingowa i osioł


We produce our trailers from scratch in a manufactory in Southern Greater Poland. We use our products and, based on our experience, we constantly improve them.


Lekka Przeczypa Kempingowa Teardrop MicroCamper Lena - Wysuwana Kuchnia

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About the company

We are a Polish manufacturer of caravans. 

Caravanning is our passion, which is why we always provide good advice and suggestions of practical solutions. We are able to build virtually anything.